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Congratulations You Have Been Accepted To College. These

Congratulations you have been accepted to college. These seven words can have a huge impact and change the future for someone. However this change can have a horrendous impact with the direction a person’s life can turn out. College is supposed to be the greatest time filled with lasting memories, memorable relationships, and a time when a recent high school graduate can prepare for a successful future. First steps are made to making dreams and aspirations come true, with a brief realization that anything is possible. Alternatively for some dreams turn into nightmares and those aspirations will come tumbling down. In the documentary â€Å"The Hunting Ground† negative aspects influenced the types of memories that were made and relationships†¦show more content†¦Until students from University of Carolina began doing research after becoming victims of rape it was common for the female to get blamed for the occurrence. In the horrific aftermath of their assaults, the victims described symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, including nightmares. One if the girls were so vivid that she would wake up bleeding stating that she was scratching her invisible rapist away from her neck. Also the victims would suffer from panic attacks, attempted suicide, and self-harm. Desperation over the severity of symptoms some of the girls delegated to go seek university administrators. The response they received from an array of administrators was overwhelmingly crude. â€Å"Rape is like a football game,† a UNC administrator told one girl. â€Å"If you look back on the game, what would yo u do differently?† Such inquisition seems the norm: â€Å"What were you wearing? Were you drinking? How much did you pregame? Did you say no? How many times did you say no?† Another girl was asked. On the other hand the rapist got a pat on the back and may have had a bad day that day and it should just be understood. One student upon being interviewed stated that â€Å"Just because you say no and you have sex are you a rapist?† The ignorance among the students, faculty, and other personnel in this documentary was astonishing. Having the belief that keeping things hushed is best for the university soShow MoreRelatedGraduation Speech : College And University Of Your Choosing920 Words   |  4 PagesCongratulations, you have just been accepted into the college or university of your choosing. The last six months, a time well spent perfecting your college entrance essays have paid off. The unexpected bliss of deciding your major, and knowing all of your schooling this far has lead you to this monumental milestone in your life. Although you feel prepared, you have lingering thought; did high school English prepare me for the challenges and expectations college professors expe ct in writing assignmentsRead MoreArizona State University For The Fall 2016 Semester976 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"Dear Hannah, Congratulations! You have been admitted to Arizona State University for the fall 2016 semester.† This was the beginning of the letter that I received in the mail this past fall; though it was simply a letter, it was the beginning of a new chapter in my life! To be a sun devil means to strive for excellence, to give your all, to put your heart into your work, to never give up, to excel in all you set out to do. I am extremely pleased to now officially be a student of Arizona State UniversityRead MoreCollege Is The Best For College Essay1711 Words   |  7 Pageswho are just getting ready to graduate have two choices, either start working or go to college. Many of those students who want to go to college have to choose what college they want to go to. Deciding which college to go to can be a hard choice, since going to college is a big decision to m ake. Students know that going to college is going to be harder than high school. The atmosphere is different, and many students are on their own after they make that college choice. Being hundreds of miles awayRead MoreAlthough I grew up in a military family, I never saw myself going into a military career. Up until600 Words   |  3 Pagesmarine biologist in Hawaii. Sounds nice, right? Well, at the end of my eighth grade year I decided that I might as well join NJROTC, because all of my friends were doing it and it seemed okay. I have to say, looking back, I was quite naive. Joining NJROTC was the smartest and most valuable decision I have made to this day. As a freshman, I was timid and had little to no confidence. When I went to my first drill practice, I felt like I was in my element. Everyone there wanted to be there, they allRead MoreEssay on Graduation Speech1194 Words   |  5 Pagesand honored guests to the sixtieth anniversary of commencement for Stoll Community College. For those graduating, this day marks the culmination of a period of courage, commitment, and accomplishment. For these reasons, I am greatly honored to be chosen as student speaker for this outstanding class of graduates and I hope that my words will give a measure of justice to the significant event that has brought all of you here tonight. Hopefully, we will laugh a little, perhaps cry, and give some much-deservedRead MoreMy Arranged Marriage And Tradition1697 Words   |  7 Pagestranslates to an older brother or uncle figure. To those who stem from families lacking in culture or customs, the idea of a family with strict values and traditions might seem appealing. Though it is a natural response to covet that which one does not have, for those born into such complex families, tradition is both a blessing and a curse. The Tamayo family can be traced back to a series of influential political figures in the Philippines. Though my last name has a long and rich history to it, my familyRead MorePersonal Narrative Essay : What I Will Do In The Future1321 Words   |  6 Pagesdo in the future. College applications. You could potentially gather the reputation of nationally recognized ivy league colleges within just a click of one button; or catch the small winds of less celebrated colleges. I sat on a comfortable, modern desk chair, resting in the corner of my musky plain flax colored room. The rounded wooden table calmly stood harboring an organized plastic drawer of papers from school accompanied by my thin silv er HP laptop I was searching colleges on. In the centerRead MoreThe Issue Of Teen Pregnancy1082 Words   |  5 Pagescareer in which I was never a parent) was because I never saw myself doing anything else. The opportunity for school was always there. I was and still am one of the lucky few that have the opportunity for education, unlike many other countries where girls are condemned from schooling. I always knew I was going to college, and sure enough, I am the first person in my immediate family to attend a four-year university. My mother got pregnant at seventeen years old and had to drop out of high school.Read MoreHigh School At The 10th Grade903 Words   |  4 Pages On October 2010, I was drop out of high school at the 10th grade. From that moment I came to realize that there is no way, I can complete my studies. I was become homeless for a week because I didn’t have any place to live, all my family dislike me because I didn’t do well at school. One of the thoughts that came through my mind was to kill somebody and go to jail. Suddenly, an amazing thing happened: my superhero and lovely brother rescued me out of the streets and gave me hope. The one who hadRead More Graduation Speech Essay1424 Words   |  6 PagesAs I look back upon the past four years, in some ways it seems like my time at Kiper has been a lot like a day at the Magic Kingdom. From the moment I heard about Disneyland, I knew that I wanted to go. I counted the days until I got there, much the way that I counted the days until I left Harbour Pointe to migrate over to Kiper. Time passed so slowly because I was anticipating the great times ahead. At the end of middle school, my classmates and I thought we were so cool because we got to make

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