Saturday, February 8, 2020

Geneva Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Geneva - Assignment Example In adition to this, it was a center of governance and thus received fame just like the Duchy of Savoy was ruled by the Savoy family (Early, 2015). The reformers won the hearts of the people by convincing them that all human beings had fallen and were sinful. They also conducted constant preaching of the gospel to make people believe and understand the message they conveyed to the public (Early, 2015). The doctrine of predestination was taught in Calvinism and refers to Gods control of the universe and what happen in it. It states that God freely and unchangeably purposes whatever happens in the society There were 13000 people living in Geneva during Calvin’s theocratic rule. The Catholics wanted to crash and destroy the city to destroy protestant churches which were heightening competition for followers. This would have helped them to end rivalry for followers (Early, 2015). Geneva was well fortified and thus formed a formidable war machine. It had high walls and controlled gates, which could be very helpful during a war, attack. The Magnin relief could also be very helpful during a war crisis and could help in controlling attackers from entering the city (Early, 2015). The Escalade is the annual festival celebrated in Genera for the victory over Savoyard soldiers who attacked Geneva in December 1602 and wanted to make it their capital city. The Duke of Savoy wanted to take possession of the city (Early, 2015). The main characters that made the Geneva people to be strong in character is the strong belief in their religion. They also had prominent scholars who inspired them and made then have unwavering faith in God and their religion. In addition to this, their scholars were able to interpret the scriptures thus making them understand them better (Early, 2015). Calvinism shaped a society that believed in total depravity because the whole of human kind is sinful. They also believed in unconditional election because

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