Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Baseball Management Statistics Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Baseball Management Statistics Project - Essay Example Based on the specific factors relevant for making MLB profitable, the statistical report provides specific test ran for the variables with the indispensable impact on baseball league. Variable test ran inherently discussed based on a business perspective. Most importantly, the statistical report contains concrete materials for assisting baseball committee in improving specific shortfalls within the league. Moreover, the report entails recommendations relevant for enlightening baseball committee members in understanding statistics associated with advancements within baseball league. In contemporary baseball setting and competition, financial gain is imperative in improving performance. Prompt and reasonable wages are indispensable in improving both franchise owners and players’ morale to actively participate within baseball league. In addition, increase in baseball league prominence requires its committee members to engage actively in increasing facilities for the association. Establishment of modern facilities coupled with reasonable salaries for baseball players is imperative in promoting baseball members for the association. Therefore, improved fan base assist in realization of higher economic income. It is hypothetical that an increase in members’ attendance for a specific baseball team leads into corresponding improvement in salaries for the players and franchise owners. Moreover, increase in fan base positively corresponds to an improvement in facilities and other modern investments relevant for developing thee sports organization. Statistical analysis based on Anova test of the data in Appendix A depicts a positive correlation between participation and wages received by both franchise owners and players. Anova test results show that participation of approximately three million baseball members or more, results into correspondent increase salaries for the players and franchise

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