Thursday, August 29, 2019

Latin America News Review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Latin America News Review - Essay Example Fossil fuels include petroleum, coal and natural gas. These sources of energy are non-renewable. Lack of deliberating a course towards sustainable development would lead to depletion of the non-renewable energy sources. Big oil corporations hinder the development of renewable sources of energy, and the also receive the government’s support since they are a significant source of government revenue through the immense taxes they pay. A study by Mark Jacobson (2009) aims at strategizing on how a hundred percent of the world’s energy is achievable through the use of renewable sources. With the changes the world has been experiencing, campaign on the use of biofuels has been on the rise since it is a more sustainable source of energy. The Latin American governments have been creating awareness and opportunities such as tax incentives to companies that utilize green energy in their production activities. Renewable sources of energy include solar power, biogas, bio-diesel, bio-ethanol and algae concentrates. In Brazil, production of vehicles that use biofuels is ongoing (Digest 2015). As at now reliance on fossil fuels has been on the decline since the introduction of fuel blends. For1 example, diesel that is a fossil fuel may be combined in bio-diesel to produce a more sustainable source of fuel. The Latin American governments should, therefore, strategize and formulate policies that will encourage the use of biofuels and green energy. Through this, the countries will not only experience economic development but also will ensure that the development is sustainable. Digest, Bio fuels. positive review of sustainable development of biofuels in latin America and the Caribbean. Washington, February 16th, 2015. Lawrence, Frank Thomas and John. Conversion to renewable energy is going

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