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Domestic Architecture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Domestic Architecture - Essay Example The general plan of the houses, is very similar to the buildings of the Tudor period One of the distinguishing features of this style is that the second story projects out slightly over the first. The corners of the house are decorated with little suspended pendant-like ornaments. Both these features are typical of the medieval fashion, where the second floor would project out, and a little into the street. The website also says that it would appear that buildings so fashioned were considered more 'formal' and 'fancier'. Yet another distinguishing feature of this style is the asymmetry of the house As the article, 'Colonial Architecture' points out the Parson Capen House, was among the more modest dwellings of that time. The front door of the Parson Capen house is not quite in the center of the wall, but slightly to the right, thus asymmetrical. Also like other colonial structures, the second floor projects out. As the article states the house, "is typical of the two-story New England house of overlapping weatherboards. Northern Arizona University tells us that it was in France: that Jefferson learned of Roman architecture and its symbolic association with Greek democracy. With this inspiration, he began reworking the house he had begun in 1769, upon a small mountain, and continued to tear down and re-build it till 1809. The Wikipedia free encyclopedia mentions that Monticello in French means 'little mountain' Jefferson was inspired by the works of Andrea Palladio particularly the Villa Rotunda says the article, 'Classic(al) Revival / Jeffersonian Classicism / Roman Classicism'. Prof Paradis says that the identifying features of this style include a dentil cornice emphasized with wide band of trim, porches, temple-front entryway, and square or rounded columns, usually Doric. Another interesting feature at Monticello is the dome. This style of architecture competed with the Federal style, which was more prevalent and dominant at the time, and which drew its origins from the 'Adamesque' (Georgian) style of architecture. states the article 'Federal Style.' Another feature of this style and period is that windows have a number of small panes of glass because it was difficult to make large pieces of glass. There might be 12, 8, or 6 panes in both the top and bottom window sashes. These features can all be seen in Monticello. Another website with information on Jefferson titled '1768 to 1782 Thomas Jefferson, architect Near Charlottesville, Virginia, USA' says that, "he combined the great European traditions of Palladio with American domesticity." The difference from Palladio, the article says, lay in aspects he introduced to the Monticello like the "long horizontal wings, underground service rooms, and all sorts of "modern" gadgets. " William Low House, Charlottesville, Virginia. (1887) Frank Lloyd Wright 428 Oak Park, Illinois (1889) Shingle style. "A shingled home does not stand on ceremony. It

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