Friday, October 18, 2019

Pg 194 Case Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Pg 194 Case - Assignment Example The band remained true to their calling in offering the best to the public as far as advertising is taken into consideration. In this they remain constant to their intended purpose (Sandra, 2008). From the case in question it’s evident that Black Eyed Peas band had moved forward in their work ‘without missing a beat’ as this chapter reckons. Source credibility is another dimension to look at since many sponsors have the trust that this band will always deliver the very best together with the message they relay in the market .This therefore builds on the persuasiveness of the information to the benefit of the company that own the product seeking endorsement. Consumers will therefore agree with any message that is passed to them as the gospel truth following the credibility of the band. Source attractiveness, on another hand, makes the recipient of the advertising message to identify and gain confidence with the band (Miles, 2011). The source of the message is duly identified by the intended receiver who synthesizes the same to come up with the ultimate decision to purchase a good or a service. Potential buyers tend to feel happy about the advert such that they are even persuaded to try the product on offer. Everyone seems elated to be associated with this band thus any brand that they endorse is likely to find its way into the basket of consumers due to high level of persuasiveness exhibited. The Black Eyed Peas band is best suited to endorse electronic brands and automobiles like Apple, television sets and vehicles. This is so because of the high expertise levels bestowed in them. For example the band had successfully endorsed Samsung’s 3D televisions in Times Square. They can therefore develop ads that suit to endorse an electronic product. On one hand, rock bands can generally be suited to endorse consumer goods like drinks and food. With this therefore they can successfully endorse a brand into the

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