Monday, September 9, 2019

E-Commerce Issues Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

E-Commerce Issues - Essay Example The payment is usually done through credit cards. Once the person has entered all the information he or she just have to wait for the delivery of the products at their home. The biggest issue that arises here is the security of the information transmitted we will discuss about it later. A poll conducted by CNN during Christmas season resulted in 62 percent of the respondents saying they prefer to shop online in this season. Hence by using E-Commerce not only you save money but you can buy products 24 hours a day, 7 days-a-week, without experiencing traffic jams, crowded markets, and carrying heavy bags of shopping. Apart from this organization can increase their profits by introducing E-Commerce as their business runs 24 hours a day. Our organization follows the simple E-Commerce method of using a website, but not only for buying products also for after sale services and complaints about any defected product. We also welcome any suggestions by our customers to improve the way we do business. The organization has its own website that has a multiple range of products as mentioned in the online catalog, the prices are updated every day in order to keep our customers informed. We follow a delivery procedure that has no charges meaning we offer a free delivery for the citizens of the country where the company is operating. Hence we have made different websites for different countries. If a person orders his or her product from the country's website than he gets a free delivery. The ranges of products that the organization is offering are different in different countries and regions. We have a direct interaction with our customers meaning that every customer is contacted through his email for informing him about promo tions and different offers or sales that are being held by the organization, the organization also offers a loyalty card after 200 purchases that enables a customer to get discount on purchases. The organization also does business with other organizations doing E-Commerce. E-Commerce in our organization takes care of automatic collecting of data by these systems, funds transfer by electronic means, electronic-marketing, processing of transactions online, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), inventory management by automation, and management of supply chain. Security After discussing so much about E-Commerce and its advantages and how our organization follows it, E-Commerce seems to be an easy subject but there are complications as well. The biggest issue that E-Commerce is experiencing during this time is the security issue. When customers are buying online they give the websites personal information that is private and confidential hence it's the organization's duty to protect it. To make sure that the information transmitted is secure certain steps have to be taken. E-Commerce is said to be prone to internet crime, which to an extent is quite true hacking credit card numbers has become a menace to E-Commerce and sometimes people only discourage to buy online because of this. Making sure that E-Commerce is secure physically and from hackers, its important to identify the following: The role of a security policy in e-commerce. Approaches to security risk assessment in e-commerce. Physical security options. The features of dynamic firewalls. The risks involved in

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