Thursday, September 12, 2019

Healfast Health Center & Nursing Home Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Healfast Health Center & Nursing Home - Essay Example With a healthy nation, USA is likely to have potential personality to achieve its set objectives, goals and aims as well as experience an increased in the living standards and life expectancy of individuals. Ohio is also struggling to ensure enough healthcare facilities and services to meet citizen’s health needs. In particular, Monroe town requires additional healthcare facilities and services. The following is a plan outlining a strategy by which Healfast Health Center will define and dominate a new perspective of providing healthcare services and facilities to residents of Monroe town and to the extended United States of America. In a bid to be the best amongst existing healthcare facilities within Monroe town, the proposed health center and nursing will have caring for the elderly who have been rejected in the society. By being a nursing home to the elderly other than the sick is likely to create more opportunities for Healfast Health Center and Nursing home. This plan outlines how the ‘about to be formed’ health center and nursing will take up such opportunities and many more in a bid to not only meet forecasted targets but also to surpass the same. Moreover, this business plan will also outline how the aforementioned services are going to be achieved within both short and long time whilst trying to explain acquisition of competitive advantage over its competitors. A business must have driving factors such as the mission, vision, and objectives. The mission, vision, and objectives of the proposed health center and nursing home is included within this plan. Analysis of the Healfast Health Center and Nursing Home coupled with its organizational culture provides a better understanding of the business. The philosophy under which this health center will operate is â€Å"

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