Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Global Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Global Management - Essay Example The median household income is $48,617 (City of Arlington, 2011). In terms of religious affiliation, 36% are Southern Baptist, 22% are Catholics, 13% are United Methodists and 29% comprises the other religions. Arlington has ten public elementary/middle schools and ten private elementary/middle schools. It has ten public high schools and seven private high schools. The workforce of Arlington is large, well-educated and diverse (Arlington Chamber of Commerce, 2008). The land area of Arlington is 99.5 square miles and the city’s property tax rate is 0.6480 per $100 valuation (City of Arlington, 2011). The city is in the middle of Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and is eight miles from the DFW airport. It abides by the business-friendly traditions of Texas (Cluck, 2011). Over 100 square miles is allotted to business which includes five business parks (Cluck, 2011). In terms of the industries present in the area, as of 2009, the most common industry is construction which comprises 13% of the total industry in the area (Onboard Informatics, 2011). Other industries include accommodation and food services; administrative and support and waste management services; professional, scientific and technical services; educational services; finance and insurance and transportation equipment (Onboard Informatics, 2011). Like the other areas in Texas, the people of Arlington also celebrate varied cultural heritage festivals because of the diversity of its population in terms of background and culture. Since Texas used to be a part of Mexico, a lot of the Mexican traditions have been adapted by the Texans. Among the festivals celebrated by the Texans are Cinco de Mayo celebration. The German heritage has also influenced Texas; thus, the celebration of the Oktoberfest. Other festivities celebrated by the people of Texas are Charro Days, Riofest and Port Isabel’s Day of the Dead. A major consideration in

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