Thursday, September 26, 2019

Quantitative Tools Group Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Quantitative Tools Group Project - Essay Example This write-up presents a discussion about ways for improving the service productivity and operational success of Going Inc’s pilots and customer service agents who present a certain lack of satisfaction in their jobs. Going Inc’s airline business that services the United States, Europe and Asia has a number of problems that confront managers. Going Inc has a higher than industry average figures for flight delays, baggage and security related check-in delays and late arrival figures for flights. In addition to the other problems at Going Inc Airlines, employees present a certain lack of satisfaction and it is important for managers try to improve morale, service productivity and operational success of pilots and customer service agents. Airline pilots are rather different from other employees because they are expensive to train for aircrafts that they must fly and difficult to substitute in a tight labor market for pilots with commercial experience (Harvey. 2007. Pp. 6). Pilots are the most educated and the most assessed of all airline employees who must be constantly trained on aircraft if they are to perform safely and adequately. Thus, airline pilots possess a certain industrial power and management of airline pilots is an exacting endeavor. However, it is important for airlines to try to reduce labor costs in response to stiff competition in the airline industry and to increase productivity in an era of increased uncertainty about profits (Alamdari, 1999, Pp. 53 – 66). Morale is always important when thinking about service productivity and contented employees who feel that they are being well compensated are likely to be more productive. Thus, airline pilots, who often work on substantial compensation pa ckages, should be offered profit sharing and share purchase schemes that indemnify airlines from having to pay out large compensation in

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