Sunday, September 22, 2019

Study of personality Essay Example for Free

Study of personality Essay There have been many theories proposed to better understand human behaviors and personality; one of these is the theory of optimal range and self-cognitive. The theory of optimal range and self-cognitive became useful in studying self-stereotyping, prejudice, self-esteem, and self-categorizing of humans and to be able to understand more about one’s identification. The Western beliefs define â€Å"self† as a unified identity which functions on its own, however, the theory of self-cognitive suggests that the â€Å"self† is actually a composition of different factors and elements, for example, an individual define himself through the people related to him such as his parents, siblings, spouses, friends, and others. Through the information about these people, an individual creates a more stable identification of himself. Being in a â€Å"group† gives a person a more definite social and personal identity. One tends to adapt the characteristics of the people around him which shape his personality as well. Moreover, a person tends to find a partner or friends which seems to resembles or almost the same as the concept of his â€Å"self†. However, these characteristics and personalities may vary through time as we meet new people and encounter different experiences. The theory of optimal range discusses the individual’s reasoning ability, judgment skills and decision-making styles according to his optimal level or age. According to it, a person comes to a point wherein he reaches his optimal level of performance to consolidation of a functional performance. For example, an individual can exert his maximum capacity or highest performance level in life in his early 20’s or 30’s, infants and old people are less functional. However, it suggests that a person’s skills and knowledge can be readily accessible if was reconstructed multiple times through range of variations in the tasks, meaning, a person doesn’t become skillful in an instant until he familiarize himself with the tasks and domains. The theory of optimal range explains how and why there are differences in people’s learning skills and capacities. The theory of optimal range and self-cognitive help us understand more about the personality differences and similarities. Although both have their own limitations, each opened the door toward more studies that aims to understand human behavior and personality development. References Valsiner, J. Connolly, K. (2003). Adult Cognitive Development: Dynamics in the Developmental Web. Handbook of Developmental Psychology. [Electronic Version] Fusher, S. Fisher, R. (1993). Conjuring Up a Self. The Psychology of Adaptation to Absurdity: Tactics of Make-Believe. [Electronic Version].

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